Find your fight.

In everyday life true fights materialize. No championships belts, no grand prize. Just a reason you rise and strive to overcome. It’s not about battles won, it’s what you stand for. It’s sacrificing your comfort and carrying on for a cause. It’s for self satisfaction and not the applause. It’s tearing down walls, it’s what you exercise you might for. We should all have something we fight for,and my fight matters. Does yours? –

Welcome to MMAmusing, and thank you for reading. The text above is a transcript of TapOut Clothing’s ‘My Fight Matters’ campaign. Beyond the graphics of elite mixed martial artists plying their trade in training that span this commercial, there is a very simple message tailored to every single viewer – find your fight. Whilst my blog will muse on all facets of the MMA world, I wanted to kick things off by elaborating on what I learned from this inspirational piece of film, which hammers home just how beneficial MMA is – as a sport, as a lifestyle, even as an analogy.

We all have a fight that matters, and only we ourselves can say otherwise.

Among the laws, rules and trends that regulate our society, we forget how incredibly subjective the human experience is. Every individual has their own interests, their own fascinations, their own pursuit of mastery to commit themselves to. That is what makes us as people so special.

This pursuit is never easy. It is rife with obstacles. This journey is also what shapes us – our personality, our outlook, our work ethic, our humility. It teaches us balance and ultimately makes us better people. We only get one go around on this ride. It would be a disservice to ourselves not to find something – anything – to rise up to and fight for; to keep our head above the myriadic pool of responsibility that surrounds us in the stream of daily life

Follow your passion. Embrace the grind. Dismiss the ignorant opposition of others. They simply have not found their path. The men and women who compete in MMA are a shining example of how hard work blossoms a dynamic existence when properly channeled.

Now let’s all go have some fun.


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